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Visconti pen - buy Visconti pens online
If you are looking for a beautiful writing instrument, we can recommend a Visconti pen.
Visconti fountain pen

You can order Visconti pens online at our website:

Buy a Visconti fountain pen?

Are you looking for a Visconti fountain pen? At P.W. Akkerman we can provide you a professional advice. We offer an extensive collection of Visconti pens, from simple to very luxurious pens. Also, we have a broad range of products like cufflinks and ink. Each brand has its own gift package, in which we send all items to our customers. If you are looking for a special present, P.W. Akkerman is the right place.

Visconti pens

The brand Visconti is located in Florence, where the products are hand made. The brand is characterized by its typical Italian refinement, traditional craftsmanship and the use of innovative materials. For example, Visconti researches the use possibilities of vulcanic lava. In short, the writing instruments by Visconti can be said to have character.

We have both Visconti fountain pens and ballpoint pens in our collection. You can easily order your Visconti pens online at P.W. Akkerman. You are also welcome in our store at Langebrugsteeg 13, Amsterdam.


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