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Sailor Sakura Nagare Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Sailor Sakura Nagare Limited Edition Fountain Pen
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King of Pen Fountain Pen
Sakura Nagare (Limited edition)

The Sakura Nagare Limited Edition Fountain Pen is a unique instrument by artist Tadashi Namakura, that depicts a century-old traditional Japanese hand-art. This respected art process is called 'Maki-e' and has over 1200 years of history. It is Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder as a decoration. The technique was developed mainly in the Heian period (794–1185) and blossomed in the Edo period(1603–1868).

To create different colours and textures, maki-e artists use a variety of metal powders including gold, silver, copper, brass, lead, abalone, mother of pearl. Bamboo tubes and soft brushes of various sizes are used for laying powders and drawing fine lines. As it requires highly skilled craftsmanship to produce a maki-e painting, young artists have to go through many years of intense training to develop the skills and to ultimately become maki-e masters.

The name Sakura Nagare translates to Flowing Cherry Blossom, which describes the pattern on the pen. The black resin resembles a river, with gold flakes, resembling cherry blossom, flowing through.

The beautifully crafted writing instrument is complemented by Sailor's 21 carat gold nib, in nib size Broad. The pen is King of Pen-sized, which is about 15 centimeters closed cap.


Product number: 10-9942-620
Brand: Sailor
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Color: Zwart,Goud

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