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Where can I buy Mont Blanc Pens

Where can I buy Mont Blanc pens

Where can I buy Mont Blanc Pens? Is this a question that you have been pondering about? Then we at P.W. Akkerman are glad to inform you that we offer these high quality pens! Check the website for interesting Mont Blanc pen deals, and notice that the price of each pen or pencil is VAT included. Clear and transparent prices, great products, and worldwide distribution possibilities. Mont Blanc is a brand that has been part of the P.W. Akkerman collection for decades, which means that you will also find all accessories you need online. You might as well have asked ‘where can I buy Mont Blanc pens and additional refills, accessories and other writing paraphernalia?’, and the answer would have been the same. P.W. Akkerman at your service.

Where can I buy Mont Blanc pens outside of Europe?

While the actual Mont Blanc is located in the Alps, on the border of France and Italy, the brand name actually has German origins. Hamburg to be precise. It means that Mont Blanc, renowned as it is, may be hard to come by outside of Europe. Mont Blanc pen deals might seem beneficial when ordering from a country outside of the continent, but the price of a pen or pencil can be misleading due to hefty import taxes. P.W. Akkerman therefore offers special shipping costs for customers outside of Europe. Attractive Mont blanc pen or pencil deals are bought at a fair price, since the costs of shipping is just €32,71 with insurance and track&trace code. Contact P.W. Akkerman and further inquire about this unique service.

Order online, contact for more information on Mont Blanc pen deals

‘Where can I get more information about the Mont Blanc pens I want to buy?’ At P.W. Akkerman, we have an excellent customer service where bilingual employees are ready to answer all of your questions about the products in our collection. Whether you want to know more about shipping costs, pencil price, or engravement options, your questions will be answered in a satisfying manner. Call P.W. Akkerman at +31 020-6231649.

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