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Kaweco pen - buy Kaweco pens online

Kaweco Pens: German Quality since 1883

The Kaweco pen is being produced with outstanding quality for over 125 years already. The originally German factory was founded in 1883. This makes it one of the oldest brands in the business, and they're still going strong!

They started in 1883 with just one version of the Kaweco pen. Over the years, as the brand became better known and more popular, the company grew and invented various other versions of the Kaweco pen. Nowadays, there are more than 10 different versions available, with pens in many different sizes and colors and made of a variety of different materials.

Kaweco focusses on maintaining traditional characteristics, but strives to innovation at the same time. New ideas are being implemented, but the Kaweco pen will always keep its recognizable features. The octagonal shape which a lot of Kaweco’s pens have, is very distinctive for Kaweco. This shape stands for individual freedom and maximum precision, regarding to design and execution. 

We at PW Akkerman have got a variety of Kaweco pens in our assortment. For example we have the Kaweco Classic Sport, Kaweco Sport, Kaweco Special, Kaweco Sketch-Up and more! Thanks to our wide variety of Kaweco products, there’s definitely a Kaweco pen for every budget!

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